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    Candidate referral scheme: Terms & Conditions for Tait Mackay 
    “Referred Candidate” – a candidate who is referred to Tait Mackay by an individual.
    “Successful Placement” – when a Referred Candidate has been placed by Tait Mackay and worked in a permanent role for four weeks.
    “Candidate Referral Scheme” – a scheme whereby an individual who refers a Candidate to Tait Mackay will be eligible to a gift voucher to the value of £50 if there is a Successful Placement.
     “Tait Mackay” – Tait Mackay Ltd.
    1. If the Referred Candidate is already registered with Tait Mackay, the Candidate Referral Scheme does not apply.
    2. If a Successful Placement is made, a £50 gift voucher may be selected. No cash alternative is available.
    3. Notification of a referral must be made to Tait Mackay before or at registration of the Referred Candidate.
    4. We can only accept referrals for Candidates already working in the UK, or those eligible to work in the UK.
    5. Gift Vouchers will be sent out as soon as possible after a Successful Placement has been made.
    6. To qualify for a reward, the Referred Candidate must be referred and placed within a twelve month period from the date they register with Tait Mackay
    7. The Candidate Referral Scheme only relates to the first Successful Placement made by Tait Mackay. Future placements of the Referred Candidate are excluded from this scheme.
    8. Tait Mackay reserves the right to amend or terminate the Candidate Referral Scheme at any time